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Allegiant Tour!

So, this has been my first post in a very long time, but I wanted to share with you all some of the bookish things I have done since I last wrote here.  I thought I would share the biggest and most exciting thing that happened to me October 26, 2013.  I met Veronica Roth!

So her book, Allegiant came out back in October & I was able to convince my dad to buy me a ticket.  This was during the summer.  When school started, one of my awesome friends, Eunbee, informed me that she was going too!  So, we carpooled, got in line 4 hours early & we were one of the first 20 people there out of 1000 people.  We met some really awesome people in line and we talked to them for pretty much the whole day.

Ignore my dumb finger
The night before, one of my favorite booktubers, TheBookTuber, was tweeting that he would be at the event.  Eunbee and I are both avid watchers of BookTube, so naturally, I tweeted him saying, "Hey!  I'll be there!"  And thus, my fangirling reached it's high.  He came 2 1/2 hours before the event started & as he was checking out the front of the line, me and my friend started yelling and waving (and flailing our arms according to Tiernan) and he's a pretty awesome dude.  He ended up hanging with us the whole day and by the end of that fantastic day, we were all friends.  I mean, we bought popcorn together so that basically seals the deal.

Anyway, while we were waiting in line (Me, Eunbee, and Tiernan) a group of girls walked by us and we started talking.  They were a really great group, and now I'm really good friends with some of them.  They're my fangirl friends and they make my day.  Who knew meeting at the Allegiant Tour would introduce me to people EXACTLY like me who don't get bored of me talking about books all the time!  One of them, Carolina, has a blog that you should check out if you have some spare time.  I'll leave the link down below!

We all started talking about The Fault in Our Stars when all of a sudden, people were screaming around us.  Apparently Veronica Roth walked RIGHT past us while she went into the building next to the venue.  This was the place where I put my lawn chairs for waiting for four hours.  For about an hour, all of us were tweeting and texting and taking pictures and basically staring at the door trying to find Veronica.  She eventually came out, and then the idea of meeting her became real.  This was actually happening.

The people running the event let us inside an hour early, and what do you know?  The three of us got front row seats.  FRONT FREAKING ROW.  I didn't believe this was actually happening.  But it did.  I never get that lucky.

So, Margot from Epic Reads was interviewing Veronica, and since the event took place near Chicago (the location for her book, hello!) they had a livestream going on.  It was pretty awesome.  When they opened up questions to the audience, I immediately raised my hand, since I had a question pre-planned.  THEY CHOSE ME FIRST.  Let me just say, I had way too many fangirling moments during this event.  But, we were all fangirls/ boys.  We were in our zone.

After the interview, Veronica and her brother, Karl Vincent Roth sang us a song that he wrote.  Her brother!  It's based on the book and it's such a beautiful song.  I swear, after that day ended, I listened to that song on repeat over and over.  It also made me tear up a little, because it made me think of Allegiant.  Allegiant ruined me, but made my life.  But, I think it was a HUGE mistake to read it the night before the event.  I literally COULD NOT go to sleep for 2 hours after I read the book.  I literally cried my eyes out for days after reading this book.  If you've read it, you know why.  If you haven't, get up off your butt and read it (but read Divergent and Insurgent first cause that's kinda important)!

The book signing portion was up next.  While we waited for our numbers to be called to meet Veronica and have our books signed, the venue, which happened to be this amazing movie theatre started playing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, as a request of Veronica.  The day just kept on getting better.

My ticket number was in the 100s so I got to meet her in the beginning.  She was so nice and so sweet, but her response to what I told her was well....she just nodded her head.  I told her about my feelings about the ending of Allegiant.  She was really sweet, smiled at me, nodded her head, asked how I was doing, and said thank you.  Then she signed my book.  It didn't even feel real!


Eunbee and Tiernan's ticket numbers were both in the 800s so I got to stay at the event a little longer than planned and watch Harry Potter with them.

The event was one of my favorite memories of 2013, and definitely one of the best days I've ever had in a long time.  I met so many new people & I met one of my favorite authors.  What could be better?

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture with her.  I got a video of me talking to her while she signed my book, but that was it.  Although right before Eunbee and I left, I got this picture.  If you look really closely, THAT'S HER.  I KNEW SHE WAS REAL.

Allegiant taught me a lot of things and really touched me as a reader.  Veronica truly wrote a beautiful book series and made some choices I would not have been able to do myself if I was in her shoes.  After the event, there was one thing she said that stuck in my mind which ended up being a central theme in the book I suppose...Be mended.  This was an encouragement to me after finishing the book.  This one single phrase made me think and made me learn.  I hope the books you read do the same for you as well.

Looking forward to what's planned in 2014!

Carolina's blog:
Tiernan's Youtube channel:


Lexi said...

EEEP it sounds like you had a really great time! That is some serious dedication, getting there four hours early! (DIDN'T YOUR FEET START HURTING LIKE CRAZY?)
I got to go to the signing in San Francisco, and it was on a school day so I only got there like, half an hour before they opened the door. But when we went in they gave you a book and a paper with a letter, and I got the letter N and a pre-signed book (there would only be time for A-M to get their books signed).
Thankfully, while my friend and I were just hanging out on the balcony (watching Veronica from afar xD), someone who was leaving but had the letter K switched with me so I got to have Veronica sign it :)

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