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Book Blitz Tour: A French Princess in Versailles by Anna Adams - Giveaway & Excerpt

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Displaying AfrenchprincessinVersailles-2.jpgSeries: The French Girl #3
Release date: June 30th 2014

Synopsis via Goodreads:
Determined to escape her failed pop career and focus on her classical training, Maude Laurent moves back to France and enrolls at the prestigious National Academy of Arts. 
Between balls, charity events, concerts, and navigating in the French elite, Maude has to prove she’s cut out to become a professional opera singer in a world where pop music is regarded with disdain. 
Though she fights it, her past catches up with her when she meets an English teacher who forces her to see a world beyond the safety of the Academy and takes her down an unusual musical journey where the risk is great and the reward uncertain. And when a chain of events bring her and Matt back in the same town, Maude will learn that music can bring people closer or tear them apart forever.
Anna  Adams

About the Author:

Born in France, raised partly in the United States and in France, Anna Adams grew up loving stories in French and English. 
Anna currently lives in Paris where she studies at la Sorbonne as a Law Student. 
She's the author of the French Girl series for which she is writing the the third installment. 
When she isn't writing, Anna likes to travel in Europe and dreams of going to Asia and Africa.



 “I’ve decided to move back to France.”
When she spoke the fatal words, silence filled the room, and Maude enjoyed the savory sense
of satisfaction to its fullest. Her glass was half raised and half full with clear, icy, mineral
water, transparent and brilliant as the truth.
The glass slipped from her fingers, and as easily as crystal explodes in a million pieces, the
shocked silence shattered and the reporters craved for every detail of the decision, details
Maude refused to give.
She grabbed a tissue and rubbed her dark pencil skirt furiously. She’d worn that precise skirt
because she associated it with seriousness. Solemnity was required of her in the midst of a
scandal. Her natural dark hair tied into a tight bun, very little makeup on her smooth chocolate
skin. Just enough foundation to hide that she’d barely slept a wink the night before.
She’d weighed the pros and the cons. But it all came down to one thing: her love for music.
Her passion for classical music had helped her years ago when she lived in a basement in the
north of France. In those days, she’d dreamed of becoming a concert pianist or an opera
Dreams, like nature, change over time. When she’d been discovered by James Baldwin almost
two years ago and whisked off to New York, she’d fallen in love with pop music and her
ambitions grew as did her love for music.
She wanted to show the world that classical and pop could make a wonderful combination.
This ambition had given birth to her first self-titled album. Success, praise, fame. All had
ensued with impeccable timing.  How had her dreams turned into frightful nightmares? She’d lied, unwillingly to be sure, but
the consequences had been disastrous. She’d lost her way.
She thought about this as her uncle led her out of the crowded room, the sound of her heels
muffled by the wool carpeting. His grip tightened around her elbow. Security guards
surrounded her every side, but as they rushed outside to the dark sedan waiting for her, a
crowd had gathered. Maude’s tenacious bodyguards contained a vocal, vociferating mob with
difficulty. They held cardboard signs instead of pitchforks, yet their intentions weren’t so
different from that of angry villagers in medieval times. The focus of public outrage may
differ through time, but its force rarely alters.
“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Faking a relationship just to sell more albums?”
She might’ve argued she wasn’t the first to do so and probably wouldn’t be the last. Did it
matter? She’d been caught, no one else had, and that remained the only difference.
The origin of the leak remained a mystery although she had a pretty strong hunch it was
Lindsey Linton, the blonde beauty who saw in Maude an unprecedented rival.
“Duck!” yelled James. Too late, much too late.
A ripe tomato landed in her dark mane and oozed down her neck, leaving a reddish trail of
slime. Maude continued to advance to the car, swallowing repeatedly to push down her
disgust. Her heart stopped when she noticed a girl, not much older than twelve, clutching her
music album. Tears were streaming down her face as she squeezed the album against her
chest, biting her lip with an unsettling fierceness.
Incomprehension, disappointment, accusation. Her eyes were the accumulation of all the
feelings Maude’s scandal had unleashed. The little girl’s expressive distress tormented Maude
more than any of the cardboards or edibles thrown at her. She faltered at the car’s door, one foot inside, one foot out, prompting a bodyguard to push her head inside, entangling her hair
with the tomato further. His grip hurt, and she caught one last glimpse of the girl before he
slammed the door in her face. A rotten banana hit the window.
It was high time to go, and Maude was keener than ever to escape public fury.
While the pop world no longer wanted her, the classical world greeted her with open arms.
After her performance in Aida a couple of days ago, in which she’d played the devious
Egyptian princess intent on thwarting the purest love of all time, her talent had been
recognized by the National Academy of Arts, the most prestigious French music school based
in the Parisian area.
They wanted her.
No paparazzi, no scandal, just music. Going back to her classical roots. So what if her dream
of bringing classical to the pop world was to be ignored henceforth?
The pop world didn’t want her. And as much as it hurt, as much as the crashing sales hurt and
the dreadful names she was being called pained her (“a conniving little Frenchie”), she
needed to step away from it all. To go back to a peaceful existence in France where no one
had really heard of Maude Laurent anyway. Forget launching her international career.
She would live in blissful anonymity.
That was Maude’s plan. And she honestly hoped everything would go smoothly.

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Insurgent Movie News: Uriah Has Been Cast!

Keiynan Lonsdale Headshot - P 2014Typically I wouldn't make too many posts like this, but this is different.  The person who got cast as Uriah for Summit's YA Sequel to the movie Divergent happens to be from one of my all time favorite TV shows and honestly, words can't even begin to describe how happy I am.  They really can't.

Our Uriah, as confirmed very recently today is Australian Actor Keiynan Lonsdale.  If he looks familiar, you may recognize this guy from the popular Australian show Dance Academy.  He was not in the first season, but he made some appearances in the second season and became a main character in the third and final season.

I was just minding my own business writing my Top Ten Tuesday, when my friend texts me the picture of Keiynan officially confirmed for Uriah and I was screaming.  She watches the show as well so you can tell we were both really excited.  The entire DA fandom was excited as well as the Divergent fandom.

If you don't know who Uriah is, he was mentioned in the first book, Divergent as a Dauntless-born Initiate who befriends Tris throughout the book.  He is also close with other Dauntless-born initiates like Lynn and Marlene, who were also recently cast as well.  Rosa Salazar as Lynn and Suki Waterhouse as our Marlene.

Uriah is described like this in Divergent:

tall, bronze/brown skin, dark eyes, handsome, snake tattoo behind his ear (tail curls around his earlobe), tattoo at his waist (Ch. 21, p. 272)
As far as I can see, definitely tall.  Got the brown skin down.  Has the dark eyes.  Obviously handsome.  And I can see him rocking a snake tattoo behind his ear.  If he doesn't already look dauntless to you, well I can't wait to see him in all black.  

In my opinion, I think he fits the bill for Uriah.  Not just because I already love him, but seeing him act already, I know he's gonna do a fantastic job.  I think he can bring the sass and smarts of Uriah to life on the big screen & do it with style and flair.  He has all the attitude that reflects the spirit of Uriah already.  I just want to see what he'll do with what he already has.  I also want to hear him talk without his Australian accent.  That'll be fun.

Good luck, Keiynan.  This is your chance.  

*if you got my reference there, 10 points to Gryffindor

Top Ten Tuesday #6: Books I've Read So Far This Year

Top Ten Tuesday is an weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Each week participants list their Top Ten choices for a weekly theme. This week's theme is: Top Ten Books That I've Read So Far This Year!

*goes to goodreads*

To All the Boys I've Loved Before (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #1)Better off FriendsThe One (The Selection, #3)

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han:  I just very very recently finished this book and I read it all in one sitting.  I can't stop thinking about this book.  Lara Jean is such an amazing protagonist & heck yes she is half Asian.  She relates to me especially on that level.  But it was one of the cutest books I have read so far this year & most definitely deserves that number one spot. (expect a review soon!)

Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg:  This book made me smile in so many ways I couldn't even count.  Macallan and Levi were absolutely adorable & I love how the book started off as awkward best friends in the 7th grade.  And it got all the way until they were near my age.  It was so perfect and my heart melted.

The One by Kiera Cass:  I've already written a review for this, but as I've said before this had one of the most perfect endings for a trilogy ever.  Usually when it comes to dystopian trilogies, I love the first book, and the books get decreasingly worse.  NOT IN THIS CASE!  The last book was most definitely the best and I really want a a Maxon Schreave.

Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, #6)Pride and Prejudice

Last Sacrifice  by Richelle Mead:  After Twilight  I refused to give into another vampire book.  But, after finishing the first book, I knew I was hooked & I knew I had to finish.  As the last book in the Vampire Academy series, this truly was a book series that ended so darn beautifully and everything was just great and massive Romitri feels cause you know.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen:  This was my first Austen novel and I just wish I could have read her sooner.  Words can't describe how much I love this book.  It may have taken me a while to read (& at Christmastime to be exact!)  but I thoroughly enjoyed it and wouldn't mind reading it again soon.  I kinda wanna do that thing where you get multiple different copies of the book where they're all different covers.

Christy and Todd: The College YearsCity of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6)

Christy & Todd:  The College Years by Robin Jones Gunn:  This series has been part of my life since I was a wee little 6th grader.  It's taken me a while to get back to this series because after 8th grade, I went to a public school where this book was nowhere in sight.  My own library didn't have it.  But seriously, Christy Miller has helped me through a lot in my life.  And this was a good ending to it.  And a great new beginning for my OTP.

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare:  All the feels and all the tears.  Yes I did cry during this book.  Overall such a breathtaking and spectacular ending to an amazing series.  I swear, when I finished this book (which I read on my kindle), I started reading my book hangover book and was tapping the page like I was still reading COHF.  That's how much of a book hangover I had.

Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3)Every Day (Every Day #1)United We Spy (Gallagher Girls, #6)

Cress by Marissa Meyer:  This book was so much better than I expected and it had all the adventure and action and I just fell in love with the characters all over again.  I was just waiting for the time when Cinder and Kai would reunite!  Sorry.  I'm a hopeless romantic.  

Every Day by David Levithan:  Compared to other books I've read, this was unbelievably different.  But it was a good different.  So incredibly intriguing and sad and beautiful and I did not want this book to end.  I need to read more books by David Levithan, because if I loved this, I'm pretty much bound to love his other books.

United We Spy by Ally Carter:  Fantastic end to a fantastic series.  I got way too sentimental looking back at Cammie in the first book where her troubles were concerned with a boy who knew nothing of the spy world or who she really was.  And now, she's in like huge spy problems with the government and actual bad guys.  This book was too great for words.  This goes down in my favorite series of all time by far.

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Stacking the Shelves #1


Stacking The Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

Before I post the books I've gotten, I'd like to tell y'all that I just finished City of Heavenly Fire last night and let me tell ya.  That was absolutely emotionally draining.  I will post a  review, but I wouldn't expect one until maybe Monday or Tuesday.  I think I need some time to process all of my thoughts.  Also Expect a TFIOS movie review which I should have posted hopefully by tomorrow :)

Library Books:

Sea of Shadows (Age of Legends, #1)Since You've Been GonePrisoner of Night and Fog (Prisoner of Night and Fog, #1)Rebel BelleMaximum Ride, Vol. 7 (Maximum Ride: The Manga, #7)Tease


City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6)


Displaying 20140606232849949.jpg
So I happened to come across this AMAZING copy
of Wuthering Heights at my local thrift store yesterday.
 Heck yes.
The Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Famel #1)


Biggest Flirts (Superlatives, #1) Displaying IMG_20140606_233906.jpg

Book Review: The Taking {+ Swag!}

The Taking (The Taking, #1)
Title/ Author:  The Taking by Kimberly Derting

Publisher/ Year:  HarperTeen, 2014.
How I Read It:  Hardcover
Why I Read It:  I went to the Dark Days Tour when they visited Anderson's Bookshop & the author of the book was featured as well as this book.
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

This is the first book in a new series by Kimberly Derting & I'm really happy that I decided to pick this book up  I got it from the library and made sure that I was the very first hold.

Summary from Goodreads:  A flash of white light . . . and then . . . nothing. 
When sixteen-year-old Kyra Agnew wakes up behind a Dumpster at the Gas ’n’ Sip, she has no memory of how she got there. With a terrible headache and a major case of déjà vu, she heads home only to discover that five years have passed . . . yet she hasn’t aged a day. 
Everything else about Kyra’s old life is different. Her parents are divorced, her boyfriend, Austin, is in college and dating her best friend, and her dad has changed from an uptight neat-freak to a drunken conspiracy theorist who blames her five-year disappearance on little green men. 
Confused and lost, Kyra isn’t sure how to move forward unless she uncovers the truth. With Austin gone, she turns to Tyler, Austin’s annoying kid brother, who is now seventeen and who she has a sudden undeniable attraction to. As Tyler and Kyra retrace her steps from the fateful night of her disappearance, they discover strange phenomena that no one can explain, and they begin to wonder if Kyra’s father is not as crazy as he seems. There are others like her who have been taken . . . and returned. Kyra races to find an explanation and reclaim the life she once had, but what if the life she wants back is not her own?

Quick Summary for those who have not read it yet:
I have to admit, I'm not the biggest sci-fi novel fan, but for some reason this intrigued me a lot.  Maybe it was because I read and loved the Across the Universe series and wanted to explore this YA genre some more! The Taking is a really amazing story filled with action, romance, and a mystery, which we kind of don't see a lot in books now.  While I was intrigued with the plot & completely interested in Kyra's life as she discovers what happened after 5 years of being nonexistent due to the flash of a white light, my mind kept wondering and wondering in the back of my head...if she really was "taken" how exactly did she get "taken"?  This book will truly leave you on the edge of your seat.  I promise you.

The Review: 
If it wasn't for the Dark Days Tour, I probably would not have given this book a shot at all.  Kimberly convinced me that the book seemed pretty worth it, so I said to myself, "well why not?  My TBR list is already 5 miles long so might as well."  This book completely took me by surprise.  It definitely was a lot more than I had previously expected.

First, let's talk about the cover.  Now, I also heard about this book from Epic Reads & they talked briefly about the cover.  When you first look at it, it looks like the the word is spelled out in little stars.  That is a false statement.  So what are they really?  They're fireflies.  FIREFLIES.  I noticed/ remembered that only after I got into Part 2 territory.  After finishing the book, I really believe it highlights the the full feel and meaning to the story:  the mystery, the serene and eerie feelings.

The prologue, all it really tells you is what happened on the day that Kyra disappeared.  The main things I paid attention to were the fact that there was a bright flash of light and then absolutely nothing.  The entire Part 1 was Kyra adjusting to coming back after 5 years, when she felt like it's only been a day.  My heart broke for her in so many ways.  I don't know how I would handle myself if I came back the same and 5 years of my life have passed by completely and everything I thought I knew was just...gone.  Her parents divorce.  She has a new stepfather and brother.  Her father drinks a lot because he went crazy on different theories (alien related) on how she disappeared and where she went.  And on top of all that, her boyfriend, Austin, and her best friend Cat have moved on with their lives, gone off to the same college and are now together.  Ouch.  So she has to learn to adjust to all that with the help of Tyler.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I give Tyler the award for "Most Swoonworthy". Thank you for your time.  Hold the applause.  Tyler was just one of those characters where you couldn't help but smile no matter what.  I loved the fact that 5 years ago when he was 12 and Kyra was 16, he had the biggest crush on her.  Now he's 17 and he still has those feelings for Kyra.  Out of all the people that could have made Kyra feel welcome, it was the one person she didn't expect.  She also didn't expect to fall for him either.  I didn't expect to fall for him.  Tyler could be any girl's dream guy.  Who wouldn't want a guy who would make multiple chalk drawings on a STREET for you, or climb up to your window just to say "hi", or drop off a book.  Throughout all the crap that Kyra gets put through since she got back, Tyler was the only one who saw her as a real person rather than a ghost of the past or a headline.  I do think that the relationship was too quick (since the book takes place within the course of a week) and the fact that when she came back she was still in love with Austin..., but I really do love their relationship.  You knew he would do anything for her, and no matter what Kyra tried to come across, we knew she loved him.

Part 2 was so fast to get through probably because it put me on the edge of my seat.  I was so afraid that Kyra and Simon, a guy who had been "taken" before, were going to get caught.  You find out so much more about what happens to those who are "taken" and the process of the white light and the fireflies.  That was when my "AHA" moment came and I remembered the cover and such.  It was so so intense and I didn't know what was gonna happen.  The government agent creeped me out & the whole plot twist of her blood being like a disease or infection???  I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. In fact it terrified me.  Those aliens did some weird doodly-doo.  Like what even?  And she can heal??  But then Kimberly pulls the ultimate plot twist and Tyler gets freaking exposed to her infectious blood and he starts dying and I'm like ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW LIKE SHE JUST CONFESSED HER LOVE DANG IT KIMBERLY.  But it was just a rollercoaster ride seeing what the ending would be and if anything with Tyler would be resolved.  At the end, we know he was taken and we also know that her father is off the radar.  So what does Kimberly pull?  A CLIFFHANGER.  Are you kidding me?

So yeah this book was kinda brilliant.  I need my hands on the next one.  Now preferably.

As for my "swag", I didn't have a book for her to sign, but she did have an awesome poster and book mark that she signed for me!

Displaying IMG_20140607_044448.jpg Displaying IMG_20140607_044415.jpg

Yes I know the pictures aren't the best quality, but hey, these items are still tangible and that is all that matters.

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Feature & Follow Friday #5 - Non-book Guilty Pleasures

Alison Can Read Feature & Follow

The Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee of Parajunkee’s View and Alison of Alison Can Read. Each host will have their own Feature Blog and this way it’ll allow us to show off more new blogs!
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This Week's Question:
What are your non-book guilty pleasures? Like TV shows, food, websites, hobbies, etc.

There's so many!  It's hard to pinpoint just one!  But for one, I really have a thing for BBC shows like Merlin, Doctor Who, or Sherlock.  Whenever they're on, I just have to watch them!  

Another thing I just cannot resist is anything Studio Ghibli.  You name it.  There has not been a Ghibli movie that I have not liked or seen.  Besides 4 of them.  But if you want to know my ALL time favorite Ghibli movies they are as following (AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM):  Whisper of the Heart, Kiki's Delivery Service (aka the first one I ever saw), Spirited Away, The Wind Rises, and Howl's Moving Castle(which I just recently read the book for!).

As for food, you will always see me eating popcorn, cotton candy, Smarties,  or Gobstoppers.  There's pretty much no in between.  I ask for a snack?  I get one or some or all of these.

Link me below & be sure to let me know if you followed on either Bloglovin or GFC!  :)

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How to Prepare for the TFIOS Movie

If you haven't heard of this book, where have you been?  Haha as pretty much all of you know, The New York Times Bestseller, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a movie, & I'm seeing it tomorrow night!  There's been so much buzz about the movie everywhere & honestly, in comparison with other book to movie adaptions, this is hitting a wider audience than The Hunger Games or Divergent.  What I mean by wider audience is that there are a different variety of people who would want to see this.  I've known a lot of people who aren't necessarily crazy about The Hunger Games or Divergent.  It's a hit or miss, but most of the time it's a hit.  Not only is TFIOS a book to movie adaption that will break the hearts of the readers, but also the non-readers.  I obsess over THG a lot, but I haven't seen a lot of people as excited for the movie as I was when it first came out.  I mean, fans of the book were excited, but no one else really cared.  With TFIOS it's a whole other ball game.  I see tweets from friends at school who are more than excited to see the movie regardless if they've read the book or not. Of course, it's very very smart to read the book before seeing the movie for REASONS & for the fact that the book is pretty much always better than the movie.

Now, since I'm seeing it tomorrow, there's a few things I've been doing or will do or have in preparation for it.  

1. I'm going to reread the book tomorrow so that it will be fresh in my mind for the movie.  This will be my second reread & it will be a privilege to have my heart broken...AGAIN.

2.  Listen to the soundtrack over and over and over and over until my ears hurt.  Especially "Boom Clap" which has been going on and on and on and on on in my house on repeat.  If you haven't seen the video, watch it below!  Don't watch it too many times though, because you will get emotional.

3.  Prepare the tissues.  Let's be honest.  There are going to be too many feels.  The box will be done for by the time this movie is over.  I mean I already cried during the book.  Just imagine how hard hitting it will be on the big screen. (THANKS EPICREADS FOR THE PICTURE).

4. Painting the nails.  I gotta be all decked out in support of my fandom.  But of course I have to get the supplies first.  Something close to this. 

5. Preparing my outfit for the premiere!  My wonderful friend Myca made a bunch of shirts inspired by TFIOS and I bought one from her!  If you want one, email her at  Be sure to tell her the size and color you want.  Also it's a vneck!  I can't wait to use this to cushion my tears after all the tissues are gone.

6.  Tweet ALL of the people involved with the book the movie and just give them a big thank you and congrats.  They have all worked so hard to put this together.  And John Green, he made a fantastic book that deserves such amazing praise.  I don't think he realizes how much the book has meant to a lot of us.

7.  Say a prayer to all those people, young and old, living with cancer.  It breaks my heart every day.  Cancer is a real thing.  It's not something fictional like we want it to be.  It still exists today in different forms.  All I know is that all those people are fighting & they won't give up until they defeat cancer.  They're some of the strongest people I know.  My friend is one of the strongest people I know.

Anyways, I'm so excited to see the movie tomorrow, and probably see it over and over.  How are you preparing for it?  What are you most excited about?

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May Wrap-Up & June TBR!

Now that May is over, I'm happy to announce that I have officially graduated high school!  Which also means a summer of getting closer with my relationship with God, reading books, catching up on tv shows, watching movies, and going on an adventure here and there.

Things That Happened in May

Books I finished:
Better Off FriendsFlipped - Wendelin Van Draanen
The Guard - Kiera Cass
*The One - Kiera Cass
Dorothy Must Die - Danielle Paige
Where She Went - Gayle Forman
*Better Off Friends - Elizabeth Eulberg
Maximum Ride, Vol. 5  - James Patterson
Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones
Ignite Me - Tahereh Mafi
Until Tomorrow - Robin Jones Gunn
*As You Wish - Robin Jones Gunn
The Taking - Kimberly Derting
Maximum Ride, Vol. 6 - James Patterson


Wow did I actually read all those books? 13 books?  Dang, Sarah.

Books I'm Currently Reading:
City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare

TV Shows/ Webseries:
Well I'm eagerly awaiting the return of Emma Approved (unless it came back and I just didn't know yet??)  And for some reason, I keep putting Iron Chef:  America on waiting for the moment when the Challenger beats the Iron Chef.  Which hasn't even happened yet so fingers crossed.  Also now The Bachelorette has started and I'm not one for spoilers so as of now, I have no clue who she ends up with.  Haha it's like The Selection but it's not.  I also saw the first episode of Girl Meets World which I am most definitely excited about.  I love seeing all the references.  I really do.  It's such a throwback and it's really refreshing.  Also, there's a Spanish show I've been watching (due to watching it all year in AP Spanish) called El Internado.  Think of Lost in a boarding school and there's your show.  Plus hot guys.  And a lot of swearing in Spanish.

I borrowed 3 movies from the library, but only was able to watch Stuck in Love staring Lily Collins, Logan Lerman, Nat Wolff, Kristen Bell, and other people who I don't really know.  I fell in love with this movie and there's no doubt why.  I mean, it's pretty fantastic.  One day I was cleaning my room and decided to watch movies while cleaning my room.  So I saw Cloud 9 from Disney Channel and I have to admit, compared to the other stuff they have on there, this reminds me of the old DC where it was all sports movies and not singing movies.  I also put on Big Fat Liar because I hadn't seen it in a while and I thought it was really funny.  Then right before I went to bed, I put on Despicable Me 2 which happens to be one of my favorite movies.  I love the music and the story and just everything.  Of course I saw The Amazing Spiderman 2.  Needless to say it ruined my life.  I can't think of the other movies I watched now.  Oh dang it.

I had my birthday May 3 and I got some books and saw TASM2.  It was great.  I finally met Kiera Cass and it was magical.  I officially finished high school so that's exciting!  On Thursday was my senior picnic and graduation practice.  We got to dunk teachers but I failed very miserably.  Friday was senior breakfast where I sang "Safe and Sound" with my friend, and our choir sang "Seasons of Love" from the musical, Rent.  I also had prom!  AT NAVY PIER. Like in the Navy Pier Grand Ballroom.  Talk about a once in a lifetime prom!  It was a lot of fun & right after we went on a cruise ship on Lake Michigan called The Odyssey.  It was a night I'll never forget.  Then on Sunday I graduated!

June TBR & Things I'm Excited For

My TBR right now is based off the book I got from the library.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han
Sea of Shadows - Kelley Armstrong
Tease - Amanda Maciel
Prisoner of Night and Fog - Anne Blankman
Maximum Ride, Vol, 6 - James Patterson
Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins
Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson

but of course two that I very much intend to be on this list no matter what...

Ruin and Rising (The Grisha, #3)The Murder Complex (The Murder Complex, #1)

Ruin and Rising - Leigh Bardugo & The Murder Complex - Lindsay Cummings

I also plan on coming to both of their book signings!  Leigh Bardugo is coming with FierceReads to Naperville, so I'm really excited for that!  And Lindsay is coming sometime in July for a book signing.

Also with that being said, Lindsay Cummings's novella to The Murder Complex is out today!!!!   It's called The Fear Trials! It's only available for ebook, so get your kindles and nooks ready to buy!  

The Fear Trials (The Murder Complex, #0.5)

Now there's also this one movie that I'm super excited about, and I even have my shirt and tissues for it, none other than...THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!  I've been listening to the soundtrack nonstop & I have my tickets ready for Thursday night at 7:30.  For the Night Before Our Stars event.  How cool is that?  Words can't even describe how excited I am.

Also there's How To Train Your Dragon 2 coming out so that's DEFINITELY something to look forward to!

I think this is going to be a good month.  I can feel it.

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