Saturday, June 1, 2013

Maximum Ride: I miss the flock!

Technically this is like a TBT but it isn't.

Tonight, on tumblr, one of my favorite bloggers started posting a bunch of edits and text posts about the Maximum Ride series and I was reminded about how much I love that series and hated the way it ended.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.  But anyway, it was crazy, and we all got excited, then the "maximum ride" tag was overflowing because we found the lost fandom!  We decided to call ourselves "The Flock".  It was a pretty awesome night!  Although I guess I should have been studying for finals.  Whoops.  I have that next, I'll make this one quick!

After seeing all those text posts, it made me realize how much I miss the flock and the series.  I remember how I felt after I finished Nevermore.  After ranting about the ending, I took time to think about the flock now and how much their characters have developed since The Angel Experiment.  I have to admit, thinking about that makes me all teary eyed.  I love the flock minus Dylan, I actually really could not stand him.  No matter what happened in the last book, Maximum Ride will always be a part of me & will always be one of my favorite series.

I'll always miss Angel (in the first 3 books) and her childish nature.  I'll always miss Gazzy and love for making things explode.  I'll always miss Nudge and her crazy hair problems.  I'll always miss Iggy and his blindness but awesomeness.  I'll always miss Fang and his complex but caring nature.  I'll always miss Max and her strength and love for her flock.  I will probably never miss Dylan and his singing and robotic nature and obsession with Max.

This series just flowed, and I got excited every time I read the next one after the other.  I wish that I could remember how it feels to read one of your favorite book series for the first time.  I remember finishing Fang and I threw my book against the wall and yelled, "no" for about 30 minutes.  To be honest, I didn't expect that at all.  Pretty much everything that happened from Max all the way to Nevermore had stuff in it that made me ask, "WHY JAMES PATTERSON?" I think we all asked that at one point.  But man, I miss the flock.  I definitely want to reread the series soon and fall in love with the flock again.

Excuse me while I continue to suffer from withdrawals.  Goodnight!


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