Sunday, August 17, 2014

When You Just Need Some Motivation From Brilliant Books And Authors...

Today was my high school graduation party & it was nice seeing my school friends, church friends, and family all in one place celebrating my accomplishments and sending me off to college.  It's crazy thinking that I'm leaving for college in about 5 days.  THIS FRIDAY.  It seems like just yesterday I entered high school just looking for someone to be my friend.  

One of my very first friends in high school came to celebrate with me, and I'm so glad I got to see her before we both headed off to college.  Now, when you graduate high school, that's when the relative and friends give you loads of money to help you pay for your education cause college education is pretty darn expensive.  And I'm extremely thankful for all their help, love and support throughout the years.  But this one friend, she didn't give me money...she gave me something that I'll never forget, never misplace, and always love...something too meaningful that I'm just so happy she's my friend.  

She gave me a bunch of "College Pick-Me-Up Quotes".  The first card says that, and on the back, she wrote, "When You Just Need Some Motivation From Brilliant Books and Authors."  After reading through all of them, I felt like crying cause it was absolutely thoughtful and it's something I know I'll be taking with me to college.  Here they are, and I hope you find some motivation and inspiration in them too.

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"When you need to remind yourself why you're not sleeping and instead learning about the Fall of the Ottoman Empire."

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"When your bed is soft and warm but you know you have an 8 AM class to get to."

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"When there are many big fish in the sea."

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"When the professor is of no help and you need to hit the library instead."

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"When you get a college crush ;)"

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"When the campus library beckons." 

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"When finals cramming is done and/or when you turn 21."   

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"When haters gonna hate.



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