Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Insurgent Movie News: Uriah Has Been Cast!

Keiynan Lonsdale Headshot - P 2014Typically I wouldn't make too many posts like this, but this is different.  The person who got cast as Uriah for Summit's YA Sequel to the movie Divergent happens to be from one of my all time favorite TV shows and honestly, words can't even begin to describe how happy I am.  They really can't.

Our Uriah, as confirmed very recently today is Australian Actor Keiynan Lonsdale.  If he looks familiar, you may recognize this guy from the popular Australian show Dance Academy.  He was not in the first season, but he made some appearances in the second season and became a main character in the third and final season.

I was just minding my own business writing my Top Ten Tuesday, when my friend texts me the picture of Keiynan officially confirmed for Uriah and I was screaming.  She watches the show as well so you can tell we were both really excited.  The entire DA fandom was excited as well as the Divergent fandom.

If you don't know who Uriah is, he was mentioned in the first book, Divergent as a Dauntless-born Initiate who befriends Tris throughout the book.  He is also close with other Dauntless-born initiates like Lynn and Marlene, who were also recently cast as well.  Rosa Salazar as Lynn and Suki Waterhouse as our Marlene.

Uriah is described like this in Divergent:

tall, bronze/brown skin, dark eyes, handsome, snake tattoo behind his ear (tail curls around his earlobe), tattoo at his waist (Ch. 21, p. 272)
As far as I can see, definitely tall.  Got the brown skin down.  Has the dark eyes.  Obviously handsome.  And I can see him rocking a snake tattoo behind his ear.  If he doesn't already look dauntless to you, well I can't wait to see him in all black.  

In my opinion, I think he fits the bill for Uriah.  Not just because I already love him, but seeing him act already, I know he's gonna do a fantastic job.  I think he can bring the sass and smarts of Uriah to life on the big screen & do it with style and flair.  He has all the attitude that reflects the spirit of Uriah already.  I just want to see what he'll do with what he already has.  I also want to hear him talk without his Australian accent.  That'll be fun.

Good luck, Keiynan.  This is your chance.  

*if you got my reference there, 10 points to Gryffindor


Jazmen ThisGirlReadsAlot said...

I know nothing about the show you mentioned but he's very attractive. I love it!

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